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The China Kitchen Bar

The China Kitchen Bar The China Kitchen Bar


: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Ring Road, Bhikaji Cama Place, Delhi


: 11267912340, 11667713340, 11267911220


: ₹ 3000


: chinese, drinks, beverage, snacks


: Mango Pudding, Egg Tarts, Shanghai Soup Dumplings, Peking Duck


: star_red.png star_red.png star_red.png


-By Rinku Madan

I've been waiting for that after-dinner late night bar experience that would warrant a five- star rating. Well Delhi, our city, has come of age. Get ready to drink till the wee hours and let your hair down in style at the revamped China Kitchen bar.

Oscar Wilde said, The only way to rid of a temptation is to yield it. And I've become his follower ever since. Located in the lower basement overlooking the poolside, this all- night bar, well almost, serves till 4 am to be precise. However, if the guest wants to continue they could serve all night. And why not? They have a 24-hour liquor licence! The last food order, however, is taken as late as 1.45 am. The inventory is a collection of the finest gins, cocktails, champagne and chinese sake. The highlight, however, being a selection of the finest single malts. The China village Mai Tai paired with lotus fritters was wow and the Black Kurant martini, amazing.

Dear China Kitchen, please start selling your steamed spinach with sesame sauce in stores, it was divine. The duck salad, cucumber sesame seed - executive chef Dirk Holscher breathes intelligence and creativity into it, and this may be the most crazily addictive thing I've tasted in months.

In this era of mega malls and one-click consumption, it's people's attention that's needed more than anything else. And at this bar this task falls upon the very posh Super Potatoes company from Japan, also responsible for designing the Grand Hyatt Shanghai and UK amongst many others. This glowing bar with small catacombs feels like a semi-abandoned mansion of a Cantonese billionaire. Just in this case the Cantonese billionaire is one of our own, Mr Shiv Jatia, chairman and managing director. A man of few words, he has proven time and again that class scores over crass.

It is hard to go wrong at the CK bar. The atmosphere is chic, so dress for the occasion. The bar scene is swanky, sexy, sophisticated, bustling with sharp suits and tipsy stilletos. Someone hinted that I wouldn't love the food as much as I would dig the digs!!, sure why not, a little eye candy never hurt anyone. Single women waited for their dates, their faces illuminated by the firefly glow of open cell phones. Shirts and slinky skirts balancing martini glasses. One interesting note for the ladies, their floors prove to be slick especially when wearing high heels. But this gives you a chance to slow down and look around and be looked at, so Jimmy Choos it is ladies!! Gleaming Mercedes, Maybachs (okay, one Maybach) idled outside, along with assorted town cars and big- money automobiles.

List of thoughts

- Don't go if you want to spend a dull evening with tiny expensive dishes and a blown out wine list.

- Go if you want a chilled out, endless night out, and ask for Raj, their award winning bartender who makes the best fresh peach Bellini. Something I've had only in places like Gstaad and Manhattan, so getting one at the Hyatt

- I'm truly impressed. Only thing missing were the maraschino cherries at the bottom of the flute.

- Regarding competition, the one thing that comes to my mind is like they say, 'The emperors new clothes'. So check this place out, come for girlie cocktails and enjoy the eye candy.

- Reserving ahead is advised. Please be careful of the heavy wooden doors with metal embellishments... (or maybe I'm just a klutz) - On the more expensive side, but you get what you pay for - well worth it!! Delhi is a city full of restaurants, lounges and bars. The China Kitchen bar is proof that you never know what is awaiting you behind those unassuming concrete walls.

Atmosphere, staff, decor, food and drinks, its all excellent. Could be more clubby (the music sucks), but sexy and romantic all at the same time... if that's possible!