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Kebabs and Kurries

Kebabs and Kurries Kebabs and Kurries


: ITC Grand Central Hotel, Lobby Level, Plot No. 287, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Parel, Mumbai


: 22241010100


: ₹ 2500


: indian, lucknowi, hyderabadi


: Kebabs, Korma, Qaliya, Salan, Do Pyaaza, Burrah Kebab, Talla Gosht, flavoursome Murgh Angaar, biryanis, Burrhani Gosht, Mirch Began ka Salan, Uzbeki Naan Naan-e-Backumaach, Baqarkhani, Shahi Tukda Asal


: Serves Alcohol, Non Vegetarian


: Rating star_red.png star_red.png star_red.png


The passion for perfection still spills onto your plate here. Rare dishes redolent of our ancient heritage are still brilliantly rendered. This winner of the Times Food Guide award continues to better its performance. Full marks to the short, innovative and user-friendly menu that navigates you through different styles of kebabs (tandoor, angeethi, tawa, kofta) and curries (korma, kaliya, salan, do pyaza). Do ask for the brand new dish of Dum ka Murgh infused with a smoky flavour and served with a smouldering piece of coal. Aficionados should try the energy section of the haleem, nihari and magaz. It continues to serve outstanding kebabs, be it the succulent and full-bodied Burrah Kebab, Burhani Gosht served with a dollop of garlic-flavoured hung yoghurt. Of course, the old favourites of Tala Gosht, flavoursome Murgh Angaar, subtle biryanis, good curries, Burrhani Gosht and Mirch Baingan ka Salan. Even the rotis - Uzbeki Naan, Naan-e-Backumaach (wholewheat naan), Baqarkhani and more - are superb. Vegetarians, please note\: in what would seem to be a hardcore non-vegetarian kebab haven, there is not only a separate veggie menu (Green Covers) but each vegetarian guest is (thoughtfully) given a green napkin (and green goblets) so as to alert the waiter not to offer them non-veg food. The restaurant sprawls in a rugged high-ceilinged ambience, which is further enhanced by the fact that you can see food being cooked in the show kitchens that bustle with chefs. I have received several complaints of slow service and some find the price points too high but there is unanimous appreciation of the consistency of food here. P.S. Check out the Set Meal for lunch (veg\: Rs.900, non-veg\: Rs.1,200) and dinner (veg\: Rs.1,300 and non-veg\: Rs.1,400)