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Jewel Of Nizam

Jewel Of Nizam Jewel Of Nizam


: The Golkonda Hotel, Ground Floor, Plot No. 10-1-124, Masab Tank, Hyderabad


: 40661101010


: ₹ 2000


: hyderabadi


: Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Angoori Murgh and The Tandoori Nazrane


: Rating star_red.png star_red.png star_red.png


Closed last year for renovation, this jewel, which features on the favourite dining list of erstwhile royal families of Hyderabad, has been well worth the wait, in its new avatar. Gone are its heavy-duty carpets, upholstery and chandeliers, and in its place is a superb modern ambience, inspired by Mediterranean as well as Hyderabadi Nizami influences. At the entrance, is a magnificent piece of bidri work on the floor, leading to a waiting area with silver engraved chairs, behind which are three crystal bead pillars, which both add to the lustre, as well as provide privacy to most tables. The turquoise-hued sofa upholstery and shibori curtains, add up to a pleasing, sophisticated décor, and a fine-dining experience. We especially loved the private dining room, with its exclusive collection of sepia-edged photos from the Nizam's collection, sourced from the late Raja Deen Dayal's studio. The ambience is enhanced in the evenings, with live sitar recitals of Indian music. The food is Hyderabadi fare, (Nizami gharana, as they call it), with a contemporary tweaking here and there. For starters, the Barkas Patthar Gosht, Kastoori Kebabs and Varqui Lukhmis (a Hyderabadi square-shaped samosa, with either keema or vegetable filling) are good. Vegetarians may try the Paneer Seekh Kebabs or the Tandoori Salad with Broccoli. Both the Marq and Yakhni are good as shorbas (broths) go, aromatic and full-bodied. The Haleem, Gosht Kalimirch, Chironji Ka Dalcha, Angoori Murgh, Hyderabadi Dum Ka Murgh as well as the Kacchi Gosht ki Biryani are excellent main course options. Desserts, include besides the usual Khubani and Double Ka Meetha, the delicious Anokhi Kheer, which has the most unexpected ingredient!! Vegetarians may try the Subz Kandahari, Paneer Siya Mirch or even the Dil-e-Dhoom ki Urad. On Sundays, the restaurant does a very popular Naashta Khaana, (priced at a friendly Rs.500 plus taxes) and includes besides the biryani and Haleem, some exotic Hyderabadi delicacies, such as Taimuri Shorba, Phool Makhana Shorba, Nihari, Semiyan Ka Muzzafar, etc.