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Ulte Tawe ka Paratha

Ulta tawa literally translated means "inverted griddle." This nawabi parantha is cooked on an inverted tawa which resembles a kadai minus the handle. This parantha has a slightly sweet aftertaste which blends well with kormas and kebabs. In Lucknow you are bound to find this bread in every street made famous by legendary "Tunde Miyan."

Ulte Tawe ka ParathaUlte Tawe ka Paratha


:Kunal Kapur

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:40 Minutes

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  • 150 mL milk

    1/2 gm saffron

    1 tsp green cardamom powder

    1 tsp kewra water (screwpine essence)

    1 tsp rose water

    1 Tbsp sugar

    2 tsp salt

    50 gm sooji (semolina)

    400 gm refined flour

    150 mL canola oil


Pour milk in container and add saffron, green cardamom powder, kewra, rose water, sugar, salt and sooji.

Keep milk aside for 5 minutes. In wide paraat, take refined flour and make a well, pour milk and knead it to soft dough. Now spread dough and add canola oil to it little by little and keep kneading until all oil is absorbed by dough.

Give it a rest for 5 minutes and then divide into 8 equal balls.

Roll out dough and apply little oil. Make cut with knife from the centre towards the circumference of dough. From here, pick up loose end and start rolling inwards. Make cone and let it rest for 10 minutes.

Heat ulta tawa and apply some oil. Flatten out dough and roll out thin round discs. Bake on tawa, and then turn around, apply liberal quantity of canola oil and turn the side. With the help of kitchen napkin, press from all sides to get good colour; turn again and cook other side.

Remove and serve hot with korma or kebabs.

Key Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Rose Water, Saffron, Milk




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