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Tiramisu is an Italian cake and dessert. Pieces of sponge cake dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of egg yolks and mascarpone cheese, and flavored with liquor and cocoa.

Tiramisu Tiramisu

Chef's Name

: Chef Massimiliano Orlati, Olive Bar & Kitchen, New Delhi

Recipe Servings

: 8

Recipe Cook Time

: 30 Minutes

Recipe Rating

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  • 8-10 pieces sponge cake

    300 gms mascarpone cheese

    Cream cheese - optional

    3 egg yolks

    1 cup whipped fresh cream

    200 gms icing sugar

    300 gms granular sugar - optional

    1/2 cup espresso or strong brewed coffee

    1 Tbsp sweet rum

    1 Tbsp sugar

    For Mascarpone:

    1 litre fresh cream

    1 tsp vinegar or lemon juice


To prepare mascarpone cheese, add vinegar or lemon juice to the fresh cream. Heat till the cream becomes thick with small flecks. Drain and hang in muslin cloth for atleast two days.

To prepare tiramisu, take egg yolks in a bowl and whip them with icing sugar. Add mascarpone, mix well and let it rest for five minutes.

Now gently fold in the whipped cream. In a separate bowl, mix sweet rum with espresso coffee and sugar. Keep aside.

Arrange the pieces of sponge cake in a dish. Soak them with coffee mixture. Spread the mascarpone mixture on top followed by another layer of sponge cake. Soak it again with the coffee mixture. Add another layer of mascarpone. Dust it generously with cocoa powder and refrigerate for half an hour.

Serve the Tiramisu chilled!

How to make : Tiramisu

Tiramisu is an Italian cake and dessert. Plump cake soaked in coffee and rum, topped with cream and ricotta cheese mixture, sprinkled with bitter chocolate and cocoa powder.





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