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Spicy Omelette with Papad and Cashews

Deviate from the obvious and try this omelette recipe with papad and spiced cashews.

Spicy Omelette with Papad and Cashews Spicy Omelette with Papad and Cashews


: Roopa Gulati

Recipe Servings

: 2

Recipe Cook Time

: 30 Minutes

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  • 6 large poppadums

    1 Tbsp oil

    1 onion, diced

    2 Tbsp chopped celery

    1 capsicum, diced

    200 gm mushrooms, chopped

    8 eggs

    2 Tbsp chopped coriander

    2 chopped green chillies

    Salt and pepper, to taste

    For spiced cashew nuts:

    2 tsp oil

    150 gm cashew nuts

    1 tsp paprika

    1/2 tsp ground cumin

    1/2 tsp coriander powder

    1/2 tsp oregano

    To garnish:

    2 Tbsp chopped spring onion


Roast poppadums. Break into large pieces.

Heat oil; add onion, celery, capsicum and mushroom. Cook until onion softens. Season.

Beat eggs with coriander, chillies and seasoning. Pour over vegetables. Cook until browned underneath.

Place pan under a hot grill to brown the top.

Cut omelette into strips.

Serve with crushed poppadums, spiced cashew nuts and chopped spring onion.

For the spiced cashew nuts:

Saute nuts in oil until lightly colored.

Add remaining ingredients.

Stir and fry for 1 minute before spooning over the omelette.

Key Ingredients: Onion, Celery, Capsicum, Mushroom, Egg, Coriander Leaves, Green Chillies, Salt, Black Pepper, Cashew Nuts, Paprika, Coriander Powder, Oregano, Spring Onion, Vegetable Oil, Cumin Seeds




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