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Pecan PiePecan Pie


:Niru Gupta

Recipe Servings


Recipe Cook Time

:1 Hour 20 Minutes

The classic pecan pie requires corn syrup but this version of the pie uses maple syrup and brown sugar. The vanilla and butter enhance the flavor of the pecans. Enjoy it with scoop of ice cream.

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  • Temp: 325 F-160 C

    1/4 cup brown sugar-tightly packed

    1/3 cup butter-tightly packed

    1/3 cup castor or powdered sugar

    3 eggs-slightly beaten

    3 Tbsp maple syrup

    6 Tbsp milk

    120 gm pecans-cut small, saving a few whole for decoration

    1 tsp Vanilla

    1/8 tsp salt

    1 unbaked shell of short crust pastry of 7


Blend brown sugar and butter and melt in a pan placed over a pan of hot water.

Add castor sugar, eggs, maple syrup and milk, mix well and cook till thickened a bit (all over hot water).

Remove from heat and mix in pecans, vanilla and salt.

Pour mixture into the unbaked shell and bake for an hour in a pre-heated oven.

Key Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Butter, Castor Sugar, Egg, Milk, Vanilla Essence, Salt

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