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Guilt Free Galouti Kebab

Soft succulent kebabs bursting with flavors, high on taste but minus the calories. This one's made with olive oil and pure ghee from Ila Lumba's farm.

Guilt Free Galouti Kebab Guilt Free Galouti Kebab


: Seema Chandra

Recipe Cook Time

: 3 Hours

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  • 1/2 kg mutton mince (for soft kebabs use mutton that has been double minced)

    4 tsp green papaya paste

    1 tsp of minced garlic

    1 tsp of ginger

    1/2 tsp garam masala

    A pinch, around 1/3 tsp of javitri powder

    A pinch of kashmiri mirch

    2 tsp of roasted chana powder

    2 Tbsp saffron mixed in warm milk

    1 Tbsp ghee

    2 tsp fried onion paste

    Salt to taste

    1 tsp gulab jal

    1/3 tsp kebab chini powdered

    1/3 tsp green cardamom

    1 Tbsp olive oil for fying the kebabs


Take a teaspoon of minced garlic and 1 tea spoon of ginger, mix really well for 25-30 minutes (helps the kebabs to become soft) and add 1/2 tea spoon garam masala.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
Put 3 pieces of coal on the gas, add a bit of ghee, cloves and green cardamom, place this in a katori and place it in the midst of the galouti masala, cover with aluminum.

After 2 hours, you are good to go.
Take a frying pan. Put 1 tablespoon of olive oil or ghee and fry the kebabs.

Serve hot.

Key Ingredients: Keema, Papaya, Garlic, Ginger, Garam Masala, Mace, Kashmiri Mirch, Saffron, Clarified Butter, Onion, Salt, Rose Water, Green Cardamom, Olive Oil




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