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Gajar Ka Halwa

One of the most popular Indian dessert, here's for you the 'Gajar ka Halwa' recipe. Known to have originated in Punjab, it is a delight during the winter months. Grated carrots, milk, sugar and nuts are stirred and cooked together.

Gajar Ka Halwa Gajar Ka Halwa


: Roopa Gulati

Recipe Cook Time

: 45 Minutes

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  • 1 kg carrots

    1 1/2 litre milk

    8 green cardamoms

    5-7 Tbsp ghee

    5-7 Tbsp sugar

    2 Tbsp raisins

    1 Tbsp shredded almonds

    2 Tbsp chopped dates


Peel and grate the carrots.

Simmer in milk with the cardamom until liquid evaporates.

Heat ghee in a heavy pan and add the carrot mixture.

Cook over a gentle flame for 10-15 minutes.

Stir in sugar and continue cooking until the halwa turns deep reddish color.

Stir in dried fruit and serve.

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Key Ingredients: Carrot, Green Cardamom, Clarified Butter, Almonds, Dates, Sugar, Raisins




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