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Besan Prasad

27 years, living in North India I thought I had eaten, tasted and smelled all versions of dishes made with gram flour (besan). But I came across a not-so-common yet delightful Besan Prasad, the recipe of which I share with you.The texture that we aim for is like a smooth thick gravy, it is rich and you would enjoy it most in the cold wintery evenings.

Besan Prasad Besan Prasad

Chef's Name

: Suhani Mahajan Bhel

Recipe Cook Time

: 30 Minutes

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  • 1 cup - gram flour (Besan)

    1 cup - ghee (do not substitute with any other fat this gives the best flavour)

    1 cup - sugar

    800ml - water


Take a heavy bottom wok /kadai and put it on your stove on a medium flame.

In another vessel take your sugar and water put it to boil. Turn the flame off when the sugar has dissolved and the liquid comes to a fierce boil.

In your wok add the ghee and then the entire gram flour.

Keeping the flame on medium start stirring your flour+ghee mixture till you get a nice golden brown color and a nutty smell fills the air. Do not stop stirring the mixtures can burn within seconds.

Once your flour has caramelized and has a beautiful golden colour in it - tip over your sugar syrup in it, be careful as it will blister and splutter initially.

Slowly maintaining a low flame keep stirring for about another 5-8 minutes till the water evaporates and your halwa starts leaving the sides of the wok.

Serve hot! Enjoy.


Add cardamom seeds after you add your sugar syrup.

Add few strands of saffron in your sugar syrup - the heat will extract the flavor and in cold weathers saffron gives heat to the body.

Key Ingredients: Gram flour, Clarified Butter, Sugar





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