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Aam Ka Achaar

The perfect accompaniment to a full fledged Punjabi meal. This Punjabi style mango pickle is made with whole spices and stored in mustard oil.

Aam Ka Achaar Aam Ka Achaar


: Niru Gupta

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  • 2 1/2 kg mango, chopped into desired size

    100 gm fenugreek seeds (methi dana)

    50 gm coarsely ground red pepper

    60 gm onion seeds (kalonji)

    100 gm fennel seeds (saunf)

    2 Tbsp black peppercorns

    50 gm turmeric powder

    300 gm salt

    1 1/2 liters mustard oil


Mix all the spices together and add half a cup of oil to the mix. Sprinkle a little of this mixture into the jar.

Take some mangoes and rub them well in the spice mixture. Put one layer of the mangoes in the jar and sprinkle some more spice mixture on top.

Keep repeating the layering process with a sprinkle of mixture till the mangoes are used up. Put all the remaining mixture on top of these layers.

Add the rest of the oil to the jar until its contents are covered. Keep in the sun for a week then store. The contents will be very tender in a month.

Serve with your favorite parantha!

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Key Ingredients: Mango, Mustard Oil




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