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  • Eating yogurt may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

    Eating yogurt may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

    If you're a yogurt fan, here's some good news for you! According to a new research, higher consumption of low-fat fermented dairy products can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Scientists at the University of Cambridge have found that higher consumption of yoghurt, compared with no cons...

  • Winter Warmers: 10 foods to keep the flu away

    Winter Warmers: 10 foods to keep the flu away

    Do you know what COLD stands for? Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease. Well, I too was surprised with this rather hard hitting description. We all know what typically happens when we get a cold - our nose is runny, our eyes get watery and the head feels stuffed. We all wish that the dipping mercury was...

  • Why yoghurt is good for you

    Why yoghurt is good for you

    Yoghurt is a simple pleasure packed with nutrients and microflora to keep your system finely tuned• Rosie Sykes' yoghurt cake recipeA good natural yoghurt is one of life's simplest, yet most pleasing foods; the chalky creaminess cut by its clean, refreshing, mild acidity. Throughout the Middle...

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  • Eggplant's power to persuade

    Eggplant's power to persuade

    The most persuasive way to convert an eggplant hater is to fry it (the eggplant, not the hater). A less messy approach, however, is to make dip. Velvety, smoky dip with a tangy bite has seduced many an eggplant-hating guest.Now, this dip is not a variation on baba ghanouj, the tahini-laced purée....

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  • Women and yogurt: what's the connection?

    Women and yogurt: what's the connection?

    Advertising in western society seems to have decided that yogurt is a product that is enjoyed solely by women. Is this the case? If so, what scientific reasons could there be for this dairy-based gender bias?When war is seemingly looming, the environment is heading for disaster, we're growing brain...

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  • Starbucks jumping into Greek yogurt craze

    Starbucks jumping into Greek yogurt craze

    Starbucks wants a taste of the Greek yogurt craze.The Seattle-based coffee chain says it's teaming up with French food and drink company Danone to sell Greek yogurt parfaits. The ready-to-eat cups will arrive in its U.S. cafes in the spring of 2014, eventually replacing the yogurt cups the chain cur...

  • 10 Best Kebab Recipes

    10 Best Kebab Recipes

    If you ask us, kebabs are the perfect hors d'oeuvres for your dinner parties. Did you know that the word kebab is derived from an Arabic word 'Cabob' which means to burn or char.It is a traditional entree made with minced meat and mild spices. Kebabs are known to have originated in the Middle East. ...

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  • Could eating yoghurt help treat depression?

    Could eating yoghurt help treat depression?

    A new research reveals that probiotics found in natural yogurt could help boost a person's mood because they affect brain function.Previous studies have shown that beneficial bacteria affected the brains of rats but no research has confirmed that the same occurred in human brains.The study found tha...

  • Going fishing without the pole

    Going fishing without the pole

    When people speak of Turkey, I don't think of Turkish taffy or Turkish delight. I think of swordfish kebabs.Swordfish is popular in the eastern Mediterranean, where it is on the smaller side and known for being juicy and meaty. Rather than cut it into large steaks, Turkish cooks most often cube and ...

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  • Flavour of the season

    Flavour of the season

    Another yoghurt destination, another lineup of delightful flavours, Flavours 24 tempts you to fall victim to the sweet lobby and break all your healthy New Year resolutions.As the New Year kicks in, it's providence that we start our review section with a yoghurt parlour. Flavours 24 with its interes...

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