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  • Nuts and The Festive Season

    Nuts and The Festive Season

    During any big festival, especially Diwali, we're hard-wired to crave everything sweet and everything nutty. Crunchy walnuts, rugged almonds, nutty cashews, creamy pistachios and bulky chironji nuts set the mood of the occasion. They feature in both gift boxes and on the dining table. They also mark...

  • These Nuts May Keep Alzheimer's at Bay

    These Nuts May Keep Alzheimer's at Bay

    One of the healthiest nuts, walnuts have long been known for their health benefits. With high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, they are good for the heart and brain health. A new study led by an Indian-origin researcher, Abha Chauhan, sheds light on the benefits of including walnuts in your daily diet...

  • Ten of the most impressive food heists

    Ten of the most impressive food heists

    From baked beans to caviar, food thefts are on the rise. Cheese is the most-stolen food, but walnuts, honey and tomatoes are big business too. Here are 10 ambitious recent heistsPurveyors of tinned goods be warned. On Monday night, 6,400 tins of Heinz baked beans were stolen from a parked lorry in ...

  • Walnut's heart benefit decoded

    Walnut's heart benefit decoded

    Scientists now know the additional ways the components of walnuts and their extracts lower risks of heart diseases.Consumption of whole walnuts or their extracted oil can reduce cardiovascular risk through a mechanism other than simply lowering cholesterol, according to a team of Penn State, Tufts U...

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  • Angela Hartnett's duck with dates and walnuts recipe

    Angela Hartnett's duck with dates and walnuts recipe

    A perfect example of how fruit and meat can work wonderfully together - plus something to give it all a lovely crunch.I love the flavour of fruit and meat together, while the chicory and walnuts give a lovely crunch. If you're short of time, cook the duck ahead and serve the whole dish at room tem...

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