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  • Temporary vegan diets on the rise

    Temporary vegan diets on the rise

    More people are opting for vegan diet for seven or 30 days, reveals the Vegan Society.The temporary menu of people, who pledge to vegan, consists of animal-free products or by-products.According to BBC, Vegan Society has found that there were 40 percent more people signing up to this temporary menu ...

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  • From the celeb diaries: How to lose weight

    From the celeb diaries: How to lose weight

    Celebrities are known for their extreme diets, diets that mere mortals like us can't follow. And so, it's always a refreshing change when they go on a diet plan that can be easily copied! All you need is some focus and dedication. Instead of envying celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Lady Gaga and Mi...

  • Vegetable 'milk' for lactose intolerance

    Vegetable 'milk' for lactose intolerance

    Are you allergic to cow's milk or intolerant to lactose or gluten? Here's some good news for you! Scientists have formulated substitutes for yoghurt from grain and nuts using probiotic bacteria.Researchers at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia have obtained new products fermented with probiotic...

  • 5 celebrities who went the vegan way

    5 celebrities who went the vegan way

    Stars like Alicia Silverstone and Brad Pitt have not only given up eating meat, but have also abstained themselves from animal and dairy products like milk and curd.Read: All you should know about veganismHere's a list of some celebrities who have inculcated a healthy way of living and shown concern...

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  • Cheesesteak Philly wins PETA veggie food award

    Cheesesteak Philly wins PETA veggie food award

    Two cities where the signature food item is essentially a great big pile of meat topped PETA's list of most vegetarian-friendly stadiums.For the fourth straight year, the Eagles' Lincoln Financial Field -- in the city that invented the cheesesteak -- topped the rankings by People for the Ethical Tre...

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  • 'Why I choose to stay vegan'

    'Why I choose to stay vegan'

    Today is World Vegan Day. There is lots that has been and continues to be written, talked and filmed about the benefits and reasons on why one should turn vegan:• For reasons of health• saving the environment• compassionâ...

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  • Is veganism an expensive diet in India?

    Is veganism an expensive diet in India?

    Replacing your regular milk with soy milk and cottage cheese with tofu might initially seem an easy option if you are planning to adapt veganism, a growing movement globally. But these products come at a price and are stocked selectively, making veganism an expensive dietary alternative for many in ...

  • A day unlike others

    A day unlike others

    It's not worth trying to persuade anyone to become vegan, for a couple of very good reasons: One, it's a losing battle, and two, it's far from certain that a diet with no animal products is best for everyone.It's increasingly evident, however, that a part-time vegan diet - one that emphasizes minima...

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  • Deconstructing being vegan - is it good for you?

    Deconstructing being vegan - is it good for you?

    Wondering what is veganism? Why is it getting popular? How to go about it? Here's a lowdown on "being vegan" for you so that you can make an informed choice.Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, as well as following an associated philosophy tha...

  • Readers' recipe swap: vegan

    Readers' recipe swap: vegan

    Felicity Cloake tries out your animal product-free recipes.I'm no expert on vegan cooking, though I was happy to see so many recipes for my beloved dhal, but I reckon this qualifies as a bumper crop. Bean burgers for the barbecue, a south-Indian cashew-nut curry, a super-easy egg-free mayonnaise tha...