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  •  20 under 20 - Quick Dinner Recipes

    20 under 20 - Quick Dinner Recipes

    We understand cooking dinner 7 nights a week could be tricky. Life is good when you're served a hot plate of dinner vs spending endless hours standing in the kitchen.And it is for this reason we've gone back to our NDTV Cooks archives and compiled a list of 20 dinner recipes that can be prepared in ...

  • How to make the perfect nachos

    How to make the perfect nachos

    Is this student staple cheesy Tex Mex junk or the perfect finger food? Can radishes ever replace jalapeños - and is it best with or without beef?This crispy, cheesy snack has become a modern student classic. So, for today's lecture - what's the best way to make nachos?A little titbit for the hist...

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