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South Indian

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  • 10 Best Kerala Recipes

    10 Best Kerala Recipes

    Prepare yourself for a culinary journey that canvases everything from exquisite seafood to ignored vegetables, from coconut milk to crispy curry leaves, from spluttering mustard seeds to soft and spongy appams. Prepare yourself for a scrumptious ride to 'God's own country'.The food of Kerala is one ...

  • The Latest Street Food Craze in Kerala

    The Latest Street Food Craze in Kerala

    Kerala is known for its fried fish, lovely stews and soothing backdrops. But, recent years have seen a shift in the culinary scenario with street food coming up a major attraction. Gone are the days when many would think twice before eating at a wayside eatery. Street food has now become the latest ...

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  • Simply Delicious: Top 5 Idli Recipes

    Simply Delicious: Top 5 Idli Recipes

    Your repertoire of South Indian delicacies may range from Coorgi pandi curry (pork curry) to nadan kozhi varuthathu (spicy chicken fry) but the one which is most popular and world renowned is 'idli'. A simple, glorious steamed rice pancake with innumerable health benefits, this quintessential ...

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  • 5 Best Sambar Recipes

    5 Best Sambar Recipes

    Oh, what will our life be without a steaming bowl of sambar? A quintessential accompaniment to idlis, vadas, and dosas - sambhar has essentially been a favourite among those living in the southern part of the nation and gradually traveled across the country to become one of India's most loved dishes...

  • Indian Fast Food - Top 10 dosa recipes

    Indian Fast Food - Top 10 dosa recipes

    Did you know that the 'dosa' is listed on the World's 50 most Delicious Foods? It also comes under the list of top ten Tasty Foods of the world. And once you will try these zesty and quick delicacies from South India, you will vouch for these rankings as well.For those who don't know, dosas ...

  • This traditional South Indian restaurant completes 100 years

    This traditional South Indian restaurant completes 100 years

    The small Sri Mangalambiga Vilas eatery could be easily missed as a non-descript joint in this temple-cum-business town but for a board reading "Since 1914" kept outside amidst the bustle on the lane leading to the Adi Kumbeswarar Temple.It is not easy to remain in the restaurant business for over 1...

  • Restaurant Review: Savor seafood at Ente Keralam

    Restaurant Review: Savor seafood at Ente Keralam

    It is "Chaakara" time at the fine-dining restaurant Ente Keralam, which has branches in the capital cities of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Sea food lovers can expect a feast until Aug 11.'Chaakara' refers to the marine phenomenon during the monsoon, when an area of calm waters occurs because of the for...

  • Pondicherry in the kitchen

    Pondicherry in the kitchen

    Meat, chicken, vegetarian, seafood or even desserts, the Pondicherry Kitchen has amazing recipes that transcend cultural boundaries and are fairly easy to whip up. We tried a couple of them at home and are now permanently indebted to Lourdes Tirouvanziam-Louis for coming up with this gem.I cook for ...

  • The Taste of Kerala

    The Taste of Kerala

    It doesn't boast fancy interiors, serves simple food on a banana leaf and is nestled in a by lane at Fort. But hungry Malayalis who want to relish homemade food have been queuing up outside Hotel Deluxe for the past 19 years to get a taste of authentic Kerala cuisine. Owners K Naseer and Ashraf Kall...

  • Gunpowder: Where Delhi Goes For Good Food

    Gunpowder: Where Delhi Goes For Good Food

    Every once in a while an evening turns out to be so good that you wish you could replicate it, and yet you know that's easier said than done.

After an overdose of visiting restaurants which are known for all the wrong reasons, it was refreshing to fix up a program to go fo...

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