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  • Why tahini is good for you

    Why tahini is good for you

    Tahini is a protein-rich paste that adds a heavyweight presence to any dish.It may look like an unpromising, oily, beige sludge, but the thick, stiff paste made from ground sesame seeds is a star ingredient that deserves a permanent place in the larder.Thanks to its heavyweight presence, you only ne...

  • The best cooking oils for your health

    The best cooking oils for your health

    I have heard of blended whiskeys. But this was the first time I was hearing of blended oils. The packet claimed that it's an olive oil and then when I looked closely, it read blended oil. In another case, the photo on the oil bottle shows peanuts and it says peanut oil, and then in a small fon...

  • 10 Best Salad Recipes

    10 Best Salad Recipes

    We love salads, come rain or shine! Toss in your favorites and conjure up a perfect mid-meal entrée. And if you are wondering salads are not just for the healthy eaters, they are also for those who love a burst of flavors. These are fireworks on a plate, not to be missed!Quick Tip: Three things t...

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  • Courgette pikelets in pitta bread with sesame dressing

    Courgette pikelets in pitta bread with sesame dressing

    These little pancakes are very easy and great fun to make with childrenFor the pikelets300g self-raising flourA pinch of salt150g courgette, washed, trimmed and gratedA small handful basil leaves, roughly torn60g parmesan, grated2 eggs, lightly beaten375ml milk1 tbsp olive oilButter, for frying4 pit...

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