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'Rajma' - 10 Recipe Result(s)

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  • Classic Rajma Recipe: 4 New Avataars

    Classic Rajma Recipe: 4 New Avataars

    What spaghetti is to Italians, rajma chaawal is to most North Indians. It is the ultimate comfort food and possibly the most loved one as well. Rajma or kidney beans are not just good looking, reddish-brown beans but also extremely healthy ones - They're low on fat, rich in protein, cholesterol-free...

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  • 10 Best Kebab Recipes

    10 Best Kebab Recipes

    If you ask us, kebabs are the perfect hors d'oeuvres for your dinner parties. Did you know that the word kebab is derived from an Arabic word 'Cabob' which means to burn or char.It is a traditional entree made with minced meat and mild spices. Kebabs are known to have originated in the Middle East. ...

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