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  • Who invented the dal makhani?

    Who invented the dal makhani?

    What does gold have to do with food? Well, I am writing about the black dal - yes humble black urad whole lentil whose avatar, the makhani dal, was invented by none other than Kundan Lal Gujral, the founder of the Moti Mahal chain.He revolutionized the way dal was cooked, making it a household name,...

  • Classic Rajma Recipe: 4 New Avataars

    Classic Rajma Recipe: 4 New Avataars

    What spaghetti is to Italians, rajma chaawal is to most North Indians. It is the ultimate comfort food and possibly the most loved one as well. Rajma or kidney beans are not just good looking, reddish-brown beans but also extremely healthy ones - They're low on fat, rich in protein, cholesterol-free...

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  • 10 Best Indian Recipes

    10 Best Indian Recipes

    On India's 68th Independence Day, we've taken on an exciting adventure to explore India's best and most celebrated food.Indian cuisine is one of the most fascinating and complex cuisines in the world. It's a beautiful mesh of regional food, cultural food and food from different communities. Each wit...

  • Top 4 Dum Aloo Recipes

    Top 4 Dum Aloo Recipes

    There are some foods that never go out of season, or style. They continue to be relished in different avatars', under different names and different cuisines. One such vegetable people adore is potato aka aloo. And one of its most popular and Indian favorite forms is the 'dum aloo', which takes on di...

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