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  • The pizza revolution: the staples from Naples

    The pizza revolution: the staples from Naples

    Bye-bye pineapple and hotdog crusts. Indie restaurants and mini chains now serve the authentic Neapolitan deal with sourdough bases, Italian tomatoes and fresh authentic ingredients.• Below, our testers try eight of the best pizzeriasThere's a pizza revolution going on - and it doesn't involve...

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  • Drones to deliver pizzas?

    Drones to deliver pizzas?

    Flying pizza! Don't be surprised if next time a drone instead of a delivery boy brings a hot, delicious pizza to your doorstep.American restaurant chain Domino's Pizza is testing the feasibility of octocopter drones to deliver pizzas.The delivery is masterminded by T + Biscuits, an English creative ...

  • Pizzas go on a diet

    Pizzas go on a diet

    Crispy thin-crust pizzas smeared with fragrant sauces and chewy cheeses are popping up in menus across town. Bye bye, deep pans. Sonal Ved digs into five versions of this fad and rates the pizzas on their slimness.When it comes to pizzas, crust is the king. It decides how stringy or fresh your pizza...

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