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  • 17 Recipe Ideas for Using Up Leftover Pineapple

    17 Recipe Ideas for Using Up Leftover Pineapple

    Tropical fruit salad is a good starting point, but this exotic fruit can be used in much more, from spicy stir fries to retro cream tarts"Tis very juicy; and some fancy it to resemble the Taste of all the most delicious Fruits one can imagine mix'd together." So said Lionel Wafer, the 17th century ...

  • Why Pineapple is Good For You

    Why Pineapple is Good For You

    Monish Gujral, owner of the Moti Mahal chain, is a restaurateur, chef and food writer. He talks about his love for pineapples and why we should eat them more often.Pineapples have a typical musky tropical flavour. I've always loved pineapples for their versatility which can be used in salads, punche...

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  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Skewered

    Readers' Recipe Swap: Skewered

    From pinchos to kebabs, you've really been giving these recipes some stick...Cheese and pineapple, toasted marshmallow, toffee apples - everything just tastes better on a stick, and this week's recipes are no exception. A feast of spicy Turkish sausages, sweetly nutty koftas, aromatic Vietnamese mea...

  • Pineapple-Basil Smoothie

    Pineapple-Basil Smoothie

    I'm not sure that I would order this just based on the name. But believe me, you'll be pleased by this herbal concoction. Pineapple has so much sweetness and flavor on its own, and it marries well with the peppery, anisy basil. Very little else is required (no banana in this smoothie). I like to use...

  • Why pineapple is good for you

    Why pineapple is good for you

    Pineapple is a sweet, sharp and juicy source of vitamin C is also a great aid to digestionIn summer, when berries are abundant, what's the point of pineapple? Why bother wrestling with that spiky intruder when there are home-grown seasonal fruits to eat? But at this time of year, as a complement to...

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  • 10 best Indian chutney recipes

    10 best Indian chutney recipes

    Chutneys evolved during the British rule. Chutney was a favorite of the British from the years the Empire ruled India. One famous chutney was called Major's Grey, named after a British Army Officer. During the 17th century chutney was imported to a few European countries as a luxury item.These migh...

  • Iraq war veterans brew 'jet noise' and 'pineapple grenade' beers

    Iraq war veterans brew 'jet noise' and 'pineapple grenade' beers

    Two Iraq war veterans eager to slake the growing American thirst for craft beers are setting up a brewery about a mile from a Navy jet base in Virginia Beach. Their beers have words like 'jet noise' and 'pineapple grenade' in their names. And their motto strikes a military chord: "Brewing With the F...

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  • Make your own Thai coconut pineapple drink

    Make your own Thai coconut pineapple drink

    For instant sunshine in a glass, blend coconut water with fresh pineapple flesh. The coconut used to have a doubtful reputation in this country. In films it was always an agent of ridicule, either boffing the unsuspecting on the head from a height, or strung comically over danc...

  • Delicious Movies - Oscar Menu Compilations

    Delicious Movies - Oscar Menu Compilations

    The DescendantsHow do you take somber and mind-numbingly life altering situations and treat them to be as light as souffle - is the question on everybody's mind ever since 'The Descendants' came out. The credit goes to one man - Alexander Payne, who dons the director's chair seven years after he mad...

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