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  • How to Make the Perfect Saag Paneer

    How to Make the Perfect Saag Paneer

    It's a classic vegetarian Indian restaurant dish that's quick and easy to make. But do you like yours wet or dry? And is frozen spinach ever acceptable?Choosing from a menu is never straightforward where I'm concerned - I'm always worried I'm going to make the wrong choice, and miss out on something...

  • Top 10 Veg Recipes Under 30 Minutes!

    Top 10 Veg Recipes Under 30 Minutes!

    Kitchen experiments are great but not for those days when your stomach screams of hunger and you're time bound, well, that's on most days! Fix yourself a meal in minutes with our seriously quick veg recipes. All you need are a few fresh ingredients and less than 30 minutes. With these terribly easy ...

  •  20 under 20 - Quick Dinner Recipes

    20 under 20 - Quick Dinner Recipes

    We understand cooking dinner 7 nights a week could be tricky. Life is good when you're served a hot plate of dinner vs spending endless hours standing in the kitchen.And it is for this reason we've gone back to our NDTV Cooks archives and compiled a list of 20 dinner recipes that can be prepared in ...

  • How to make sandwiches healthier

    How to make sandwiches healthier

    Making something delicious is easy, but making something delicious and healthy? Now that's a challenge. For those who are always on-the-go, for kids bored of the regular home cooked food, for those evening soirées, for the many times you couldn't think of what to eat, a sandwich came to your resc...

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  • 10 Best Cheese Recipes

    10 Best Cheese Recipes

    Cheese! Glorious cheese!Think cheese and you can imagine cheese with crackers, melted cheese on pizzas, boiled vegetables with layers of cheese, a ham and cheese sandwich - the possibilities are endless. Cheese is the one ingredient which is used worldwide and is loved by over half the world's popul...

  • 10 Best Quick & Easy Recipes

    10 Best Quick & Easy Recipes

    Is your to-do list getting in the middle of your food dreams? Well, we've always believed that good food is not about long hours in the kitchen. Our quick and easy recipes are perfect for days when you are in no mood of elaborate cooking or to soothe away those untimely hunger pangs.Indulge your sen...

  • 10 Best Paneer Recipes

    10 Best Paneer Recipes

    Cheers to local flavors! Indulge in the divine taste of paneer - the ever so versatile, humble and an all-time favorite ingredient we all grew up with. Paneer is a type of fresh cheese common in South Asian cuisine. In eastern parts of the Indian Subcontinent, it is generally called chhena. It's a s...

  • Palak paneer to tandoori - Indian food a hit in Helsinki

    Palak paneer to tandoori - Indian food a hit in Helsinki

    When one thinks of this Land of the Midnight Sun, the first thing that comes to one's mind is reindeer meat. But this capital city of Finland boasts of at least two dozen Indian restaurants that serve mouth-watering palak paneer, chole-naan, kadi-pakora, butter chicken and other delicacies.How come ...

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