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  • Muffins that aspire to be cupcakes

    Muffins that aspire to be cupcakes

    There are muffins that aspire to be healthful, filled with the likes of whole grains, wheat germ and fruit purée. Then there are rich, chocolate-chip-laden muffins that are more like cupcakes in disguise.These muffins fall squarely into the latter camp. Although they do not contain chocolate, the...

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  • Readers' recipe swap: old-fashioned

    Readers' recipe swap: old-fashioned

    Felicity Cloake discovers that what's old to some can feel fresh and new - such as spicy carrot pudding or buttered oranges.One of the things I love about your recipes is the different perspective they offer; to me, old-fashioned means suet pudding and Bird's custard. Yours all have a thrilling whi...

  • 10 Best Chocolate Recipes

    10 Best Chocolate Recipes

    Chocolate is celebration. Chocolate is pure pleasure. Chocolate is what you need when you want the world to look up. Chocolate has the ability to say it all, without saying it. And if you think that's going overboard, chocolate is now seen as the ultimate feel-good bar of serotonin you can have. Now...