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  • The Mighty Eggplant

    The Mighty Eggplant

    Eggplant is often called "meaty," by which we mean what, exactly? Substantial? Versatile? Flavorful?All of the above, for sure (as well as tough and chewy on occasion; not necessarily a bad thing). But the comparison is no more fair to the aubergine than it would be to call a piece of beef "eggplant...

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  • Eggplant's power to persuade

    Eggplant's power to persuade

    The most persuasive way to convert an eggplant hater is to fry it (the eggplant, not the hater). A less messy approach, however, is to make dip. Velvety, smoky dip with a tangy bite has seduced many an eggplant-hating guest.Now, this dip is not a variation on baba ghanouj, the tahini-laced purée....

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  •  Store cupboard swaps - kitchen tips for busy cooks

    Store cupboard swaps - kitchen tips for busy cooks

    Run out of rice? Can't even find freekeh? No problem - there are all sorts of easy ingredient substitutions to make your recipes more flexible - and your shopping lists shorterHere for store cupboard we'll include fridge, freezer and fruit bowl. With a box of eggs, some milk, lemons, garlic, plus a...

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