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  •  How to make fruit crumble | Back to basics

    How to make fruit crumble | Back to basics

    Kids' cooking should go beyond the sweet recipes we too often teach them. But crumble is a must-have in everyone's repertoire.I can be a bit po-faced about children and puddings. It annoys me, the assumption that children can only be enticed to cook if there's something sugary involved.I spent much...

  • Readers' recipe swap: Crumbles

    Readers' recipe swap: Crumbles

    This week Felicity Cloake referees a no-ingredients-barred crumble rumble. The oven mitts are off - and there can be only one winner.Few dishes are closer to my heart than crumble, but it's always tempting to stick with the same old favourites, so I was delighted to have so many new versions to play...

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  • Learn How to Make and Bake a Peach Crumble

    Learn How to Make and Bake a Peach Crumble

    The sad truth about homemade peach pie is that there's never enough. As much as we all love pie for dessert, it's nice to follow up with a midnight slice. If you're lucky enough to have any left after that, well, nothing gets a body out of bed faster than the promise of the last syrupy slice in the ...

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