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  • 10 Best Brunch Recipes

    10 Best Brunch Recipes

    There is nothing more comforting than waking up to a lovely, laid back brunch on a lazy day. Brunch is a cross between breakfast and lunch, eaten usually during the late mornings that can extend into the afternoon. The word 'Brunch' originated in the late 1800s in England and was traditionally serve...

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  • How to eat: nachos

    How to eat: nachos

    Nachos are one of the titans of trash food. But do you serve them with chilli or pulled pork? Drown them in cheese sauce? Or grilled Monterey Jack? And can you share your nachos or is that a surefire recipe for divorce? Buenos dias, amigos. This month How to Eat - the Word of Mouth series debatin...

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  •  How to make fruit crumble | Back to basics

    How to make fruit crumble | Back to basics

    Kids' cooking should go beyond the sweet recipes we too often teach them. But crumble is a must-have in everyone's repertoire.I can be a bit po-faced about children and puddings. It annoys me, the assumption that children can only be enticed to cook if there's something sugary involved.I spent much...

  • Fried-noodle sandwich recipe

    Fried-noodle sandwich recipe

    Widely available in Japanese convenience stories as 'yakisoba pan', this simple concoction makes for a solid post-pub snackWhile in the UK and US we might be found wolfing burgers and kebabs after a night out, I like to imagine the Japanese scarfing down fried-noodle sandwiches, or yakisoba pan (ya...

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