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  • Readers' recipe swap: nostalgia

    Readers' recipe swap: nostalgia

    Felicity Cloake gets a taste of your childhood with this selection of precious family heirlooms - and not a battenburg in sight ...Thanks to everyone who sent in family recipes this week - beloved biscuits, great-nan's pickled shallots (currently maturing below the sink) and the kind of simple soup...

  • A Real Treat or Half-Baked?

    A Real Treat or Half-Baked?

    Remember the cake pop? In 2006, you probably thought it was a passing fancy, a faddish combination of cake and lollipop that had quickly disappeared into the netherworld of baby-shower catering. In fact, it was a canary in a coal mine for the far more powerful Cronut, a croissant-doughnut hybrid tha...

  • Treat family, friends with homemade desserts

    Treat family, friends with homemade desserts

    The festive season gives you all the more reason to go to the kitchen and prepare dishes for those who have a sweet tooth. Try recipes like moong dal halwa and plum cake to make the celebrations more special.Executive Chef Brij Sharma at The Chalets Naldehra share recipes of few desserts:1. Moong Da...