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Love macaroni 'n cheese? Tips to get it right

IANS, Los Angeles, Modified: May 23, 2014 13:34 IST

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Love macaroni 'n cheese? Tips to get it right If you are obsessed with getting your favorite dish of macaroni and cheese aka mac n cheese right, make sure you don't end up making it the wrong way. Here are a few things to keep in mind while preparing the mouth watering dish.

It is important to get the perfect percentage of two things most important - 'mac n cheese', especially because it is made in large amounts, reports

Don'ts while making 'mac n cheese' -

- Many people think that making 'mac n cheese' is a tiresome job. But the best one is made indoors and by your own hands. A simple dish can take around 45 minutes to get ready.

- It is important to balance the cheese content in the dish. 'Mac n cheese' should either be creamy or stringy because of the cheese. Cheese should coat the noodles. This is a cheese-heavy dish. Always grate more cheese than you think you will need.

- Stick to the classics on this one. Macaroni elbows and shells are designed to hold thick, creamy sauces. Cheese sauce is too heavy for a lot of pastas, making them either limp and flabby or clumped and unmanageable.

- Do not overcook. Whether you have a stovetop mac and cheese maker or an oven-baked 'mac n cheese maker', you will have to boil the pasta twice. When you boil it for the first time, do it in a way that the pasta is firm but not hard, so that there's a still plenty of chew on the noodles.

- Avoid too much water. Add water, stir it and see where you stand. Add more water if required.

- Try to avoid using Velveeta cheese while cooking 'mac n cheese'.

- Don't use too much of fancy cheese for your favourite mac n cheese. You want a mild cheese for creaminess, a sharp cheese for tang. Keep it simple, keep it relatively inexpensive, save the fancy stuff for the cheese plate.

- Mixing the plant avocado with your mac n cheese is not the best of the ideas.

- Truffle oil -  as fancy as it may appear- is not the best thing to use when you are making 'mac n cheese'.

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