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10 Best Paneer Recipes

NDTV Cooks, Modified: June 06, 2014 15:30 IST


10 Best Paneer Recipes Cheers to local flavors! Indulge in the divine taste of paneer - the ever so versatile, humble and an all-time favorite ingredient we all grew up with. Paneer is a type of fresh cheese common in South Asian cuisine. In eastern parts of the Indian Subcontinent, it is generally called Chhena. It's a special favorite with North Indians.

It can be easily made at home with milk, since it does not require the use of rennet, it's completely vegetarian. Paneer (cottage cheese) has a delicate milky flavour and is used in a  variety dishes from curries to desserts to sides. It is a natural source of vitamin D and calcium. Homemade paneer contains lesser calories.

Quick Tip:
In the market you will find soft as well as hard cottage cheese. Though the soft one is preferred by many, one must remember soft cottage cheese stays fresh for a lesser duration as compared to the hard one.

Here are our 10 best paneer recipes which we think are a must try!

best-paneer-recipes-1Hot Paneer Sandesh Pudding
Recipe by Seema Jindal Jajodia

With a dessert as healthy as this you don't have to worry about the weighing scale tipping to the wrong side. A guilt free sandesh made with paneer, no sugar and only organic fruits.

Recipe by Niru Gupta

Paneer cubes wrapped in an exciting flavor combination. Marinated with sesame seeds and yogurt, baked perfect and served with onion rings.

best-paneer-recipes-3Dum Paneer Kali Mirch
Recipe by Divya Burman

A little black pepper magic is enough to make a recipe deviate from the usual. Paneer in a luscious creamy gravy with mild spices and black pepper. Exclude the cream if you want to make it low in fat.

best-paneer-recipes-4Paneer Kofta
Recipe by chef Aditya Bal

This one is the winner on the table. Koftas never fail to entertain friends and family. Small rounds made with paneer and doused in a deep, rich gravy. Tastes great with a hot crisp naan or a roti.

best-paneer-recipes-5Tomato Paneer
Recipe by Nishtha Asrani

This simple and speedy recipe is a good pick when your stomach is rumbling but you're short on time. Extra brownie points for being low fat. Paneer chunks tossed in olive oil with mild spices, milk, puree and capsicum.

best-paneer-recipes-6Veth Chaman
Recipe by chef Aditya Bal

Veth Chaman is a traditional recipe prepared by the Kashmiri Pundits. Paneer cubes fried in mustard oil, tossed with mild spices and finished with a milky base.

best-paneer-recipes-7Amritsari Paneer Bhurji
Recipe by chef Aditya Bal

One of the easiest and the most loved concoctions. A mash up of paneer, tomatoes, spices, lime and coriander leaves.

best-paneer-recipes-8Multani Paneer Tikka
Recipe by chef Rajdeep Kapoor, Hotel Eros Park Royal

Give the good old paneer tikka a new makeover. Here's an interesting recipe, paneer and vegetables are imbued with aromatic herbs and spices, wrapped in a besan mixture.

best-paneer-recipes-9Roomali Paneer and Chutney Butter
Recipe by chef Manish Mehrotra

Throw in a little creativity and rustle up something new. Jammed with chutney and nuts, paneer pinwheels are baked with an aromatic butter crust. With inventive twists, this recipe is worth the effort!

best-paneer-recipes-10Paneer Kadhai Masala and Ajwain Rotis
Recipe by chef Poppy Agha

This fiery dish often ordered at restaurants can now be re-created at home. Paneer, spices, tomatoes, and chillies tossed togethar and served with ajawain rotis.

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