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Khatte ChanneKhatte Channe A tangy serving of channas, mild spices and tamarind paste.
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Navratri: Vrat Ka Khana
Chawal Ka Upma
<i>Navratri</i>: <i>Vrat Ka Khana</i>

Light meals, pure butter delights & sweet blessings - our best fasting recipes are more than worth the wait.

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Kanyakumari Aviyal
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A big thank-you to all our home chefs! We love these culinary gems that you've shared with us.

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Q. Some Recipes Ask for Soaking and Rinsing Rice While Some Don't, Why? A. It depends on the texture that you want from your preparation. Generally rice is soaked and rinsed in order to remove starch which prevents rice from sticking together. Once the starch is removed rice takes lesser time to cook. Certain rice varieties like basmati and other enriched varieties should not be rinsed.
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