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Bengali Lamb CurryBengali Lamb Curry Lamb marinated in a yogurt base, cooked with onions, garlic and chillies. Garnished with almonds.
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Machchi ke Sooley
Grilled & Gorgeous

Choose grilled foods over fried snacks. You'll be making a healthier choice by avoiding the use of batter and excess oil.

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If you don't like eating vegetables then knead them with your dough or have stuffed roti. 
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Q. I Tried Roasting Nuts and They Ended Up a Bit Burnt With a Bitter Flavor. What Went Wrong? A. Toasting intensifies the flavor of nuts. Nut are delicate and can go from perfectly toasty to charred in seconds. Keep tossing the nuts and stir frequently so that the nuts brown evenly. Nuts tend to brown on the bottom more quickly, so be careful with that. Perfectly roasted nuts are golden brown with a smoky aroma.
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